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Founded in 2017 with artist and collaborator Feral Fagiola, BLDG 15 Studios is home to Lucky 7 Arts, LLC, Marsh's artist studio practice in Louisville, KY.  The 20,000 square foot studio sits in the Henry Vogt Machine Company complex in the former foundry building, built in 1917 and operated until 1978. The unique studio has overhead cranes and sculpture capabilities that Marsh has built up in low carbon steel fabrication, cast iron foundry, and chainsaw wood carving.

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Watch CAST DOWN, a film by Feral Fagiola & Andrew Marsh

Iron casting sculptors and performance artists Andrew Marsh and Feral Fagiola perform at their BLDG 15 Studios with fellow artists Ari Berman, Jake Chrzan, Katie Gabbard, Gerry Masse, and Jim Wade. (C) 2021 Lucky 7 Arts

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Marsh is always working on something! Bespoke works are never ending at BLDG 15 Studios. Andrew uses intense hand production methods to produce one-of-a-kind brutalistic sculptures in welded steels and cast iron as well as carved and framed woods. The studio also serves as a staging point for his fiery performances with cast iron and carved wood molds, which yield truly unique metal objects that form the heart of his sculptures. 

CONTACT Andrew for a studio visit! 

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