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A selection of videos from Marsh's Lucky 7 Arts works, outreach, and work with UofL Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research. 

Cast Down
Feral Fagiola

Cast Down

Cast Down a film by Feral Fagiola & Andrew Marsh Shot in 4K. Listen at high volume. Iron casting sculptors and performance artists Andrew Marsh and Feral Fagiola perform at their BLDG 15 Studios with fellow artists Ari Berman, Jake Chrzan, Katie Gabbard, Gerry Masse, and Jim Wade. Amid the eerie light, foreboding shadows, and haunting groans of BLDG 15, dystopian introspection and spiritual uncertainty are artfully conjured. The Industrial Revolution-era architecture and grim brutality of this former foundry are contrasted with Marsh’s explosive iron-into-wood reaction molds. Feral’s lens treats viewers to an unsettling proximity with the perilous moments surrounding his cast iron creations. Cast Down’s haunting, concussive soundscape and imagery reveal the sensuality of the decaying factory inhabited by fiery effigies to the torment of healing. featuring Ariana Berman Jacob Chrzan Katelyn Gabbard Gerry Masse James Wade support by Sloss Furnaces Foundation Birmingham, Alabama Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum Solsberry, Indiana Josephine Sculpture Park Frankfort, Kentucky Rivers of Steel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania special thanks Gwen Chiu Jesse Blumenthal 2021 National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art & Practices James Wade Farms Lexington, Kentucky filmed & recorded at BLDG 15 Studios Louisville, Kentucky former foundry of Henry Vogt Machine Company operated 1885-1978 photo courtesy of Lewis Meyer Lucky 7 Arts, LLC production Copyright 2021 Andrew Marsh & Feral Fagiola
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