Andrew Marsh makes beautiful and terrifying art exploring sacrifice and reward in the face of severe chronic pain. Through Lucky 7 Arts, he combines brutal, explosive performances with cast iron, welded steel, and chainsaw carved wood sculptures at Bldg 15 Studios, which he founded with Feral Fagiola in Louisville, KY.


He was artist in residence at City Museum in St. Louis after earning his MFA at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (‘01) and BFA at the University of Kentucky (‘95). His work has appeared in over 250 group and solo exhibitions, collections, installations, and events.


Marsh is assistant director for Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research and program officer for the Leigh Ann Conn Prize for Renewable Energy at the University of Louisville. He serves as chair of the board of directors and executive officer for Josephine Sculpture Park, is a contributing artist at Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, and co-chaired the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art & Practices ('17 & '19).

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