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Devil's Night Ironworks is Andrew's fully functional portable iron foundry, performance art stage, and sculptural monstrosity. The twisting masses of welded steel evoke both industrial curiosity and primordial delight whether idol or ablaze. As a work of art that produces more art, the Ironworks fuses art, ritual, and industry to celebrate the wonder and power of creation.

The Ironworks features a cupola-style furnace with ancillary work stations and platforms that allow iron to be melted and cast into new forms. Marsh specializes in reaction casting, where the mold or pattern to be cast is made of a consumable material such as wood, paper, or plastic. As the 3000 degree iron is poured into the molds, a combustion reaction takes place between the metal and mold causing volatile explosions and fiery inflammations as the artworks are poured. The resulting castings bear the scars of this transformation and birth by fire. See Pain Trophies and Alchemy Insanity galleries for examples.  


Marsh collaborates with other performance artists to cast their works and his own in ritual performances, such as Big Kill Love, below. Devil's Night Ironworks is installed at Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum.   


 Visit Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum!


Devil's Night Ironworks

Big Kill Love

iron into wood

performed by

Andrew Marsh, Feral Fagiola, & Katerina Nissa 



Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum

Solsberry, Indiana

rekindle - recondition - revive

this beast from stasis, feed iron sweat fire

three gather, fan the flames, introspect

draw measure from the core, molten for an instant

big heart carved, cask consumed erupting

kill this ache, alchemy transform insanity

love burns away, misery reborn inspires

photos by Eddie Relick

video by Dakota De Las Tortas

special thanks to Gerry Masse & the Trails Family

(C) 2016 lucky 7 arts 

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