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Metaphorical transmutations of materials through infusions of process, energy, and spirit drive these compulsive and guttural works. The jagged brutality of iron cast into wood contrasts with welded steel, carved wood, framed timber, and cast concrete constructions. As effigies, the forms arise from psychic and bodily challenges, incorporate apocalyptical and anatomical visuals, and invoke darker fixations. 

Each is an acknowledgement of perseverance in spite of damage, resilient fragments of nature in macroscopic splendor, tributes to the loved and lost.   


Marsh's castings are derived from elaborately carved wood molds, into which he and specially trained artists pour 3000 degree molten iron. As the iron is poured, the molds react violently, combusting and expelling iron via steam and gas in fiery displays. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!! As they explode, these performance molds are visible moments of inflammation, an ongoing condition related to chronic pain. 


Because the molds burn as the metal cools, the castings take on carbonized patterns, pitting from gas and steam, and other distortions. These performance artworks result in castings from carvings that are highly unique, textured, one-of-a-kind sculptures. 


Tarot wood molds and iron castings are variants on the major arcana, the greater secrets. These icons rely on intuitive insights and the importance of personal knowledge within a vaguely alchemical construct. None enter this world quietly.

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